Track-Day Tips and Tricks

So you are getting ready for your first Track-Day?

Of course you are excited, full of adrenaline and perhaps even nervous.
There are some fast guy’s out there with loads of equipment and bikes that make you seem as a beginner all over again.
This can be a bit misleading. The guys walking around The-Paddock are always thoughtful and helpful. Ask 1 question and you will get 10 answers.

It’s the Walhalla of motorcycles. The passion is amazing. And now you are making your first steps into the ‘new’ racing world. So below we have listed some tips for you and your bike to be ready to race!

But be careful.. Once you’ve put your feet in this place, You will never want to miss this beautiful world of the motorsport again..
Tip 1: Make sure that you are packing your stuff a few days before. This will reduce some of the stress for the big day.

Start with the most important part; your safety.

You should have a helmet with double-D rings, you can use a combi leather suit, but we at The-Paddock are standing by full race suits. The Combi are just not as safe as the full suits are.. The full racesuits come with not only more protection but also better protection overall. The protectors are much harder then they are in any combi suit that is on the market. Make sure to bring a back protector as well.

Good firm gloves and boots that are not irritating and a undersuit is recommended for comfort.

Now that you are ready to rock we need to make sure that your bike is also ready to rock.

Let’s start at the front,

Screw off your mirrors. We don’t got time for any of that on the track.. We need to make sure we are getting used to riding without these mirros. It’s not necceseray to see where you’ve have been.. We need to look ahead, that is an The-Paddock life lesson right there.

Taping your lights is a common thing you will see at the track. Mostly in case of a crash your lights won’t splatter in little pieces. However, the materials that are used in the process of producing your headlights will make it almost impossible to crack. It is also not mandatory.

Now some more tech talk. Your bike should be in a good condition. No leaking forks. Good tyres and the most important part, BRAKES! You are getting quite some fast speeds and you want to have your brakes ready whenever you need them.

For your first few track days you do not need to have Öhlins suspension or Slick tyres, your motorcycle is good enough.. There is enough time to gain by perfecting your riding style and lines alone. Check that the parts that are on your motorcycle are working the way they should be.

Make sure that your oil level is high enough and not too dated. It’s not only for your safety but also for the other riders that are trusting you with riding on the same track.

Drink enough water during the day to not lose focus. Try to eat more healthy then a hamburger or some fries. We know it’s tempting but they make you tired. Out of our knowledge the most crashes are at the end of the day. People are losing focus and are getting sloppy in there riding style.

Pack some foldable chairs, a tent or umbrella to get some shade in between the sessions.
Try to learn as much possible. Ask for help, ask for opinions and you will get better and better. And maybe even more important, understanding your bike and your limits more than before.

Check List,

– Leather suit
– Undersuit
– Boots
– Gloves
– Helmet
– Back protector
– Knee sliders

At The-Paddock:
– Tent or umbrella
– Paddockstands
– Healthy foods and water!
– Some tools always come in handy
– Chairs
– Tape
– Comfort clothes for inbetween sessions

Things to check at your bike:
– Tyres and tyre pressure
– Brakes
– Engine oil
– No leaks

The last tip we would like to give you going into your first track-day, please, warm up your motorbike. There is nothing more painful then seeing someone going full throttle with a cold eninge. Our advise, make sure your eninge is up to somewhere between 75° – 85°.

We cannot forget the most important item of the day; LOADS OF FUN!
That is why you are here in the first place! Make sure you get some nice memories, make the day yours! Feel like a MotoGP Racer for a day. Out of our opinions it’s the best feeling there is..

If you are more comfortable on the bike and are setting faster lap times, you will need better equipment. We would love help you and your bike perform better by upgrading your ride. Check out our parts that will help you to gain some time each lap.

Have fun and ride safe!

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