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Yamaha YZF-R3 – SOLD!

About the Yamaha YZF-R3;

This Yamaha R3 is offered for sale in a good, excellent condition. This motorbike comes from The-Paddock itself and has been in our possession for some time.

The engine is from 2016 and has run 20.000km.
This motorcycle always got it’s maintance done properly and on time.
Michelin Power RS provide good grip and are still very trustworthy in the rain.

Brakes, oil and other fluids have been replaced and the bike has of course been coated to The-Paddock cleaning standards.

With the single full Akrapovic race exhaust, the R3 produces a nice sound as the Moto3 bikes.

Have we aroused your interest? Do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Below you will find more information about what people thought when the R3 came on the market;

Whoever looks at the YZF-R3 immediately sees a super sport. Also at Yamaha it is listed as ‘supersport’ on the website. The clip-ons are well above the crown plate, so that the seat is sporty forward, but you do not lie on it like a real super sport. The engine has its own face and does not resemble the larger-block R6 or smaller R125. The windshield and fairing itself provide excellent wind protection. Due to the low windscreen, there is no turbulence around the helmet and the wind is also no problem on the highway at 160 km/h. 

The R3 does pretty well in traffic and learns you how to ride properly. Even that the bike is meant for an A2 bike does not mean it can’t go fast. Mostly the rider will develop to work around with this little beast. 

The quality feels solid and the dash is well build. With gear indicator and fuel gauge, that is something right?!

Agressive looks and astethics makes this bike one of the most good looking A2 bikes in our opinion.



249 in stock

249 in stock

249 in stock

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