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Yamaha YZF-R1 – SOLD!

About the Yamaha YZF-R1;

This Yamaha R1 is offered for sale in a good, excellent condition. This engine comes from The-Paddock itself and has been in our possession for some time.

The engine is from 2004 and has run 29 km.
This motorcycle still looks very good and slick for its year of construction.
Fairly new Michelin tires ensure that they offer a lot of grip and that no attention needs to be paid to this in the coming time.

Brakes, oil and other fluids have been replaced and the engine has of course been coated to The-Paddock cleaning standards.

With the double Termignoni’s tail exhaust, the R1 produces a nice deep sound.

Have we aroused your interest? Do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Below you will find more information about what people thought when the R1 came on the market;

Almost six years after Yamaha swept the superbike world with the first R1 generation, the Japanese flagship (under the inspiring leadership of Dutch R1 chief Jeffry de Vries) was due for a major update. Kawasaki (ZX-10R), Suzuki (GSX-R1000) and Honda (CBR1000RR) threatened to overtake the R1 in almost all areas. The machine was rebuilt from the valve caps, resulting in a Deltabox frame whose beams ran diagonally across the block for extra rigidity. Yamaha claimed an increase of as much as 200% in some parts.

With its sexy look, the R1 is timeless, and at the time it turned a lot of faces when you drove by. You can now do this yourself!

The long upside-down swingarm was supposed to suppress the tendency to wheelies, which the R1 was notorious for until then. A standard steering damper had to keep the front end in line under acceleration, especially on a not too flat surface. It also saved a lot on weight. With a dry weight of 172 kilograms, Yamaha was the first brand in the superbike category to boast a one-to-one horsepower-to-weight ratio. From this moment on, the block is no longer a supporting part of the bicycle part, but the firmly refreshed four-cylinder engine did receive 20 hp compared to its predecessor. The 2004-2006 generation is the last in the R1 family tree to still have five valves per cylinder; the long run-up with a screeching, high-revving final shot as the ultimate dessert is delicious!



249 in stock

249 in stock

249 in stock

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