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Combo-kit Rise & Shine – The-Lube


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The Rise & Shine and The-Lube combo kit,

Get the Rise & Shine and The-Lube together with a discount of 15%!
The perfect pair for your collection.

The Rise & Shine Shampoo:
It’s time to take good care for your partner in crime! Do you need to clean off your fairings filled with filthy dirt and tar?
Check out the new Rise & Shine Motorcycle Shampoo!

A 500ML biodegradable shampoo developed for the effective removal of traffic film for motorcycles. Just what your mate needs.
Suitable for all painted surfaces, and leaves a beautiful streak-free, wax finish.

Physical Characteristics:
– Concentrated formula.
– Thin liquid, easily pourable and not to be diluted.
– High foam and lubricity

Why use Rise & Shine?
– Easy to use.
– It is a pH neutral shampoo used for the removal dirt, traffic grime, tar spots etc.
– Safe for all exterior surfaces and is a great lubricant detergent for washing.
– Silicone free.
– Streak free.
– Leaves a Great gloss.
– Biodegradable.
– High surfactants that produce thick foam.
– Results shows right away and will stay for a long time.
– Excellent cleaning suitable for all motorbike surfaces.


Is a Powerful, non-corrosive and transparant lubricant. It penetrates and lubricates rusted and inaccessible parts for long lasting protection.
With bringing also extra protection for you rubberrings in between the chain. Transparant and very sticky makes it the perfect combo!

A highly concentraded formula is used as well on The-Lube. To protect not only the chain but also the rider!
The chain is a performance part that needs to stay greased at all times.

A 500ML bottle makes sure that you can stay greasy at all costs.

Features and benefits: 
• Prevents squeaking.
• Penetrates and lubricates rusted and
inaccessible parts.
• Contains PTFE to form a long lasting
protective layer.
• Lubricating film.
• Non-Corrosive Formula.
• 500ML

Get your pair today!

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