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OPTIMATE 4 Dual Battery Charger


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The Optimate 4,

Dual programme charger is the ultimate all-in-one device for servicing 12-volt standard lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free, gel and microfleece (VLRA) as well as pure lead batteries at home. Now with DUAL PROGRAM for initialization, diagnosis, regeneration, charging, testing and maintenance. Connect the charger directly to the battery with the included quick contact cable or select the CAN bus program to connect your charger to the 12V socket of your CAN bus engine with an automatic keyless activation. With the Optimate 4 DUAL PROGRAM, your battery is charged fully automatically and then a maintenance charge is performed until you disconnect the charger from the battery or the 12V socket. The OptiMATE 4 DUAL PROGRAM also includes low-voltage regeneration pulses for even more effective rescue of highly sulfated batteries and an easy-to-use battery test when connected.

– Charging current max. 1.0 A
– CAN bus and normal charging mode
– Multi-stage charging characteristic
– Starting presumed dead low voltage 0.5V batteries by 2-stage* desulfation rescue (*1-stage low voltage impulse rescue in CAN bus mode).
– Splash water and dust protection (IP54)
– Protected against incorrect connection and short circuit
– Working voltage: 100-240V
– Operating temperature range: -20°C to +40°C

– Optimate 4 DUAL PROGRAM Charger
– Cable set with alligator clips for quick connection
– Cable set with ring cable lugs for permanent connection to the battery
operating manual


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