The-Paddock Tire&Trim herstelt al jouw kunststof, rubberen en plastic onderdelen

Breathe new life into your plastic parts and tires!

Repair your plastic parts and tires and make the parts shine like new!

Each car has several plastic parts on the outside. Just like the sidewalls of the tires, they weather over time due to exposure to UV light and other (weather) influences.

You have just completely washed and completely treated your vehicle. Thanks to the perfect shampoo, your car is extremely clean. The ceramic coating makes your panels shine like never before. Your windows are also spotless and your rims shine . The only thing that is an eyesore: the weathered plastic parts and the sidewalls of the tires. Read here how you can easily make it shine again!

Meet The-Paddock Tire&Trim

The Tire&Trim from The-Paddock is designed with a number of specific goals, namely:

  • Quick and effective to use: The Tire&Trim from The-Paddock is very easy to apply. All you need is the Tire&Trim and an applicator pad;
  • Provides protection: thanks to the composition of the product, The-Paddock's Tire&Trim ensures that the treated surface is protected. Because a protective layer is created, the treated surface is protected against weather influences, UV and is water-repellent;
  • Safe to use: The Tire&Trim from The-Paddock is designed so that it can be used safely on any type of plastic, rubber and plastic. This way you can treat any type without any worries and enjoy the look as if it just came from the factory;
  • Restores the natural look: unlike other available products, The-Paddock's Tire&Trim is specifically aimed at restoring the natural look. Say goodbye to a fake shine, a greasy part that keeps rubbing off. Say hello to the new, fresh and original look!

The Tire&Trim from The-Paddock not only gives the surface a new look, it also nourishes. This means you don't have to treat the action after every shower because the Tire&Trim really adheres to the material.

How do I use The-Paddock Tire&Trim?

Using the Tire&Trim is very easy! All you need is the Tire&Trim, an applicator pad and a microfiber cleaning cloth .

Follow the steps below for the very best results:

  1. Apply the Tire & Trim to the supplied applicator pad and apply in a circular motion to the desired plastic part.
  2. Let the product work for at least 3 minutes to activate the formula.
  3. Use the microfiber polishing cloth to remove excess product and polish the surface until a deep black shine is visible.
  4. The-Paddock Top Tip : if the surface has become very gray over the years: repeat the above steps several times for the very best result!

Does The-Paddock's Tire&Trim really do what it promises?

There are a huge number of products available on the market. The-Paddock distinguishes itself by using its own compositions and extensive further development and testing.

This means that we at The-Paddock can say with our hands on our hearts: The-Paddock Tire&Trim also does what it promises!

Before and After The-Paddock Tire&Trim

Order your Tire&Trim today and tomorrow enjoy your beautiful plastic, rubber and plastic parts like never before!

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