Collection: B2B - Become a The-Paddock Point of Sale

The-Paddock's reseller program

At The-Paddock we are extremely proud of the quality and success of our products. We would like to share this success with you!

Why become a reseller of The-Paddock?

As a reseller of The-Paddock you enjoy many benefits. Some of the benefits of The-Paddock's reseller program include:

  • Short lines so quick switching is no problem;
  • You are not a number: we attach great importance to our relationships, and take every question/comment/complaint seriously and take as much time as necessary for everything;
  • Own fulfillment: fast shipping and always up-to-date stocks;
  • Fair sales prices: as a reseller of The-Paddock, you benefit from very pleasant margins;
  • Standing behind the products offered: by developing each product with precision and passion, we can look you and your customers straight in the eye and say with confidence that the products do what they promise;
  • Both shipping for own stock and drop shipment orders are possible.

Do you choose your own stock or drop shipment, or both?

The-Paddock offers several options for you as a reseller, but one should not exclude the other.

At The-Paddock one theme is central: Customer satisfaction. A number of aspects are crucial for the customer, including:

  • Products do what they promise;
  • The ease of ordering the products;
  • Speed ​​of order processing;
  • Speed ​​of order delivery.

Because we at The-Paddock have deliberately chosen to keep the fulfillment in-house, we can always monitor the quality of the shipments, correctly process the shipments and process orders quickly. Thanks to these key points, we can say with confidence: ordered before 3:00 PM, delivered tomorrow!

Own stock

The advantage of having your own stock is that your customer can hold the products in their hands, see them with their own eyes, feel them and experience them before they use them. The quality and finish of the packaging is the first impression and is a way of instilling confidence about the quality.

In addition to creating confidence, it is also nice for customers to be able to take the product with them immediately if they are interested and to be able to start using The-Paddock products that same day.

If someone orders the product from your webshop together with other products, you can easily send it in the same shipping box, which in turn saves on shipping costs. The customer also only receives 1 package in which all products are immediately packaged.


Do you not have a physical store, do you have no space for new products or do you not want to ship products yourself? Then you can also place the order at The-Paddock as a dropshipment order.

The advantage of drop shipment orders is that you do not have to stockpile yourself, you do not have to send packages, you do not have to pack packages and you do not have to free up space for the range.

The-Paddock sends dropshipment orders completely from your name, with your address details on the package, so that your customer retains the confidence that it came from you!

It is also very important that drop shipment orders are processed on time. We therefore make no distinction between drop shipment orders and orders for our own stock. The-Paddock also applies to drop shipment orders: ordered before 3:00 PM, delivered tomorrow!

The shipping conditions are identical for both drop shipment and for orders for own stock. We do not make any distinction in terms of costs, so that you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises.