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From Cleaners, For Cleaners.

Just like you, gasoline flows through our veins. Just like you, we love the smell of rubber. Just like you, we want our car to look sleek and protected every day.

The story of The-Paddock started years ago. From an early age we have been busy with everything that has wheels. Mini Bikes, BMX, Scooters and mopeds, motorcycles and gorgeous cars, talking about anything else becomes very difficult with us....

All these vehicles have one thing in common: they need to shine, be maintained and protected. After every ride, after every race.

We started The-Paddock from an entrepreneurial family. We have been known for several years in the field of developing cleaning and maintenance products.

'But they already existed, didn't they?'
After years of using other brands, we were tired of it, this has to be better. The result we had in mind did not materialize or was washed away after 4 weeks.

Our passion and mission is to develop these specific products to create the best possible experience and products that actually do what they say. Together we have an absurdly strong passion for quality and you could safely call us quite autistic in this area.

This also applies to the development process in our factory in England.

Together with racing teams for motorcycles, cars and bicycles, we have created our unique collection in the Paddock.

Christian's life quote: "If you take care of your motorcycle, it will take care of you."
I have been saying this from the beginning and I still support it.
It sounds crazy, but every time I drive my car or ride my motorcycle, it's like I'm on the road with a friend. 

As Valentino Rossi once said:
"An engine is too beautiful a machine not to have a soul."
I took this a little too literally, I think haha.

I still love coming up with new products, developing them in our own way and ultimately offering them to people like us.

We develop many of our products in collaboration with racing teams and organizations. This allows us to extensively test many products under the toughest conditions.

Take our chain grease for example.

Just imagine: a full track day in Mugello Italy, you are in the last corner and getting ready for the 1,141 km straight. You come out of the last bend at around 11 or 12,000 rpm, where the material has to take a heavy toll.

Your chain and sprocket are put under a bizarre amount of pressure. We managed to keep the chain lubricated and the rims grease-free after 7 sessions. This is exactly how we test and develop our products.

Together with Randy I started looking for the right chemists and group of people to share this mission with us. We can say that everyone in our team shares the same passion and wants to get the ultimate out of the product. Because we love our passion so much.

Honest products that do what they say.

Randy's life quote:
“When in doubt, flat out”.

This is also where I currently stand in business. Everything we do, we do well and nothing else. This is often difficult because you have to work everything out in black and white and be honest if it is not what you expected. But at the same time, this is also where the challenge lies! What ingredients or proportions can we use to achieve this?

We use 100% pure products and do not supply watered-down shampoos.

If you want something to work, you just need certain ingredients in the right amount. Not only does it work better, you also have to use less of it because it contains a concentrated formula. This is how we distinguish ourselves and achieve the golden podium spot in cleaning and maintenance. It is an honor to share our passion with you.

Experience the items yourself and we guarantee you a smile every time you walk back to your car. Join our paddock and share your story!

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