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How do I repair my (window) coating? The guide to freshening up your coating.

Over time my (window) coating has reduced! Help!

Do not panic! We are here to help you and fix your hard cleaning work.

We all recognize it; you have just washed your car or motorcycle extensively and applied our Ceramic-Seal to get that shine and protection that keeps your paint so beautiful. But over time it seems like the coating starts to lose its effect. What is going on?

Why does the effect seem to diminish?

There are many reasons why your coating "seems" to work less. We will immediately reassure you that this is not the case. To solve the problem, we must first understand why performance seems to decrease. This can happen for a few reasons;

- Dirt and dirt build-up: Over time, dirt, dust, pollen or Sahara sand, for example, can build up on your car. These no longer adhere to the paint, but to the coating;
- Chemical attack: exposure to aggressive chemicals such as tree sap, acid rain, road salt or even bird droppings left for too long can have extreme consequences for the coating.

The solution: a good cleaning!

After washing the vehicle, the coating is reactivated. The coating has actually done exactly its job and that is to protect the surface. The fact that you see the coating doing its job less means that it has done its job and is still doing it. After a good wash you will see all the effects that you saw after brushing come back, including the optimal shine!

With the Rise & Shine you clean and activate the coating so that your car, bicycle or camper shines again and shows the water-repellent effects.

Washing in the best way

In order for the coating to regain its properties, we must wash the vehicle well. The Rise & Shine shampoo is the ideal candidate for this treatment.

Step 1. If you have a pressure washer, wet the car thoroughly and make sure that all dirt, sand, etc. is removed from the paint. If you are not using high pressure, a garden hose can also work fine. Make sure that all the sand is properly removed.

Step 2. Take a bucket of lukewarm/warm water and add the shampoo. For optimal use, use the ratio: 100ml to approximately 7-8L of water.

Step 3. Sponge the entire vehicle thoroughly and wash with good pressure by hand.

Step 4. Spray the entire car or motorcycle with water and make sure that all the suds have been removed. While spraying you will see that the Ceramic Seal shows its properties in full bloom again.

Step 5. Dry your vehicle with the Magnet Towel for a perfectly shiny and streak-free result!

6 months protection!

Rest assured, after long testing and development, we can say with certainty that the Ceramic-Seal will last for at least 6 months. Share your results with us via Social Media!

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