The-Paddock tips: herstel jouw koplampen zelf!

How To: repair your headlights with the The-Paddock step-by-step plan!

Bring Back The Light: how to repair dull headlights yourself

You know how it is: your car looks radiant after washing and coating, but a crucial part takes a huge toll on the hard work: dull headlights.
Dull headlights not only detract from the appearance, but it also reduces your visibility, and it is a point to reject the car with the MOT inspection.

In this article we will explain why the headlights can become dull, what can be done to restore this and how you can ensure that the headlights remain beautiful for longer!

How come my headlights become dim?

Over time, headlights can become dull. Most headlights are made of polycarbonate: a sturdy and durable material that is sensitive to oxidation and UV light.

Exposure to the sun, weather pollution, chemicals and other road elements can lead to the formation of a yellow and cloudy layer on the surface of the headlights.

My headlights are dim. How do I get this like new again?

Thanks to the simple tips from The-Paddock, you can easily and quickly repair and protect your headlights so you can enjoy the result for longer!

  1. Prepare the headlights: Make sure the headlights are completely clean. Use The-Paddock Tough Cleaner for this. This way you ensure that the headlights are completely free of waxes, grease, chemicals and other deposits;
  2. Protect surrounding areas: Tape off surrounding seams and panels that connect to the headlight. This way you prevent damage to the paint during the headlight repair process;
  3. Sand the headlights: use a fine grit (for example 1000 or 2000) to carefully sand off the dull layer from the headlights. Spray some water on the headlight to keep it moist during the sanding process and make sure you treat the headlight evenly;
  4. Polish the headlights: After the headlights are sanded, they will not look new. Use a polishing machine to polish the surface and bring back the bright color;
  5. Remove the masking tape: remove the tape used to protect the surrounding panels;
  6. The-Paddock pro tip: coat your headlights with The-Paddock Ceramic Seal and polish it with the Microfiber Polishing Cloth . This way your headlights are protected against UV light, weather influences and chemicals and you can enjoy the results for longer!


Restoring dull headlights can be done yourself, but it is very important to do this with policy and utmost care. If the work is not carried out correctly, damage may occur that cannot be repaired.

By using the correct washing products and protection products you can enjoy the results for much longer. With the Ceramic Seal you ensure that the headlights are protected for much longer.

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