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How to: wash microfiber cloths and magnet towels

The washing guide for washing your magnet towel and microfiber cloth

When washing your car, good material is very important to maintain the best and safest results. A good magnet towel and a good microfiber cloth are indispensable for optimal results.

After several uses, you may notice that the magnet towel or microfiber cleaning cloth no longer absorbs moisture optimally, or that it is contaminated, which can increase the risk of scratches. It is therefore important to ensure that your cleaning cloths are always clean and free of dirt.

Why should I wash my magnet towel and my microfiber cleaning cloth differently than other cotton cloths?

This is a good question. To answer this, it is important to look at the difference between traditional cotton cloths and microfiber cloths.

The cloths from The-Paddock have a number of enormous advantages compared to cotton cleaning cloths, namely:

By using extra soft and long fibers, and by using the Twisted Loop technology, The-Paddock cloths are excellent for absorbing large amounts of water in a very short time (200ML water in less than 3 seconds ). In addition, the technology used is also perfect for scratch-free polishing of, among other things, the Ceramic Seal and the window coating .

Due to the specific composition, the cloths must be washed in a different way to keep the fibers intact. This way you ensure that the cloths do not lose their effectiveness and that you can enjoy the optimal result time and time again!

Washing instructions for the microfiber cleaning cloths and magnet towels

The question is of course: how do you wash microfiber cloths?

Fortunately, it is not a day job and no rocket science to get your canvases looking like new again! Simply follow the steps below and you can enjoy the operation optimally and safely again:

  1. Sort your microfiber cleaning cloths and magnet towel drying cloths by the type of dirt;
  2. First pat out the heavily soiled cloths thoroughly and ensure that most of the dirt is removed from the cloths. This prevents contamination of other cloths;
  3. Make sure you don't use fabric softener. Fabric softener can damage the microfibers. Damaged microfibers reduce absorbency;
  4. Set the washing machine to 30 degrees. At a temperature higher than 30 degrees, the fibers can be damaged;
  5. Always dry your cloths in the air and do not put the cloths in the dryer;
  6. When the cloths are completely dry, fold them up and store them in a clean and dry place.

Now you are ready to achieve optimal results with your next wash!

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