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How to: safely remove Sahara sand from your car

The fight against Sahara sand: how do you remove it without scratching it?

It's one of those days where you walk outside. You admire your car, but your pride is covered with a thin layer of fine, yellowish dust: the well-known Sahara sand has arrived again.

No matter how special this is, that the substance can cover such an enormous distance, how annoying it is for the pollution of your proud vehicle.

What is the safest way to remove this dusty layer and how do you prevent scratches? We will explain it to you!

Removal of Sahara sand

Follow the steps below and you will see that your vehicle will look like new again, without causing new scratches:

  1. Rinse before you start: Before you start washing the car, it is extremely important to rinse the car thoroughly. Make sure you do this with a mild to gentle spray to avoid scratches. By rinsing the car thoroughly, you remove most of it, simplify the washing process and prevent scratches;
  2. Use the right cleaning agents: choose cleaning agents that are mild for your car's paint, but at the same time effective in removing dirt. Products with abrasive substances should be avoided. Use The-Paddock's Snow Foam for the ultimate and safe pre-wash!
  3. Work from top to bottom: prevent cleaned parts from becoming dirty again and work from top to bottom. This way you ensure that the clean parts also stay clean. When you work from bottom to top, the dirt drips back onto the clean parts, causing the cleaning process to have to be repeated again. Start at the roof and go down through the windows and doors;
  4. Use a microfiber cloth: microfiber cloths are perfect to use. A microfiber cloth is very effective at retaining dirt while scratch-free on the paint. Use a damp microfiber cloth or sponge in a bucket with Rise&Shine shampoo and carefully remove the remaining Sahara sand;
  5. Rinse thoroughly: after the car has been thoroughly checked and the Sahara sand has been removed, rinse the car thoroughly with water. This way you remove all excess particles. Also take all seams and cracks into account;
  6. Dry the car with the right drying cloth : dry the car with a scratch-free and effective drying cloth. Use the Magnet Towel from The-Paddock for the most effective result.


Removing Saharan sand can be a challenge. Especially to make this scratch-free. It is absolutely possible, but it is important to proceed with extreme care to avoid damage.

Always make sure that you have the right products to do the job as safely as possible. Fortunately, The-Paddock offers a safe and effective range, so you can let your pride shine again with peace of mind!

The-Paddock Pro Tip

Do you want to prevent dirt from adhering to your vehicle? Then provide your car with the ultimate Coating!

  1. Spray the Ceramic Seal on your panels;
  2. Polish the panels with a microfiber cleaning cloth ;
  3. See the ultimate shine emerge;
  4. Your vehicle is protected for up to 6 months!

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