The-Paddock tips: maak jouw auto weer brandschoon en klaar voor de zomer

Make your car summer-ready: keep your car spotless for the summer with The-Paddock washing tips!

Let your car shine again and prepare your car for the summer!

Now that summer is just around the corner, it's time to get rid of the remnants of winter, make your car shine again and prepare it for summer rides and adventures!

A good wash of your car not only freshens up its appearance, but it also protects your paint, bodywork and all other parts against, among other things, forms of rust and tarnish.

Now that you are convinced that a good wash has benefits in every respect, it is important to know where to start. We at offer you a helping hand!

Step 1: good preparation is key!

Before you start washing your car, it is important to have the correct materials in your possession, including:

Step 2: Know where to start

One part that has a very hard time on your car are the rims. Continuous exposure to brake dust, influences from the asphalt, dirt accumulation and the like often causes the rims to become quickly and heavily contaminated.

Use a good quality rim cleaner , but be careful not to use too strong a rim cleaner! It is important to look at the material of your rims so that you do not use products that are too corrosive. A safe, but extremely effective product is The-Paddock's rim cleaner! Our rim cleaner is safe to use on any type of rim.

If you follow the steps below, you can be sure that you will get spotless rims:

  1. Make sure the rims are cool and spray the rim cleaner liberally onto the surface;
  2. Allow the product to work on the dirt and brake dust for a few minutes;
  3. Use a rim brush with soapy water and brush the rim clean;
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  5. Your car is shining again on its shining rims.

Step 3: washing the bodywork:

We can divide the washing of the car into a number of parts:

Step 3.1: provide your car with a pre-wash

Remove the first layer of stubborn dirt with a good pre-wash and ensure that your car can be cleaned safely.

Use The-Paddock Snow Foam in a ratio of 1:9. This means: 100 milliliters of Snow Foam in 900 milliliters of water. This dosage is perfect when you use a foam lance with a high-pressure cleaner.

When using a manual foamer, we recommend using a 3:9 ratio because less pressure is built up with a manual foamer. This way you still get a nice thick layer of foam!

Apply the Snow Foam generously to your car and let the Snow Foam do its work for a few minutes. This allows the dirt to loosen properly and be drained downwards as the Snow Foam drips.

Step 3.2: wash your car with the right products and in the right way

Make a bucket of soapy water. Use the Rise&Shine shampoo for an effective and slightly protective result.

Wash the car using plenty of water and work from top to bottom, starting on the roof. This way you let the excess dirt flow down with the water coming from your sponge. Try to avoid rotating movements to further minimize the chance of scratches.

Use a good sponge and rinse the sponge very regularly to rinse the dirt from the sponge.

Pro tip: use 2 buckets and use a bucket with a grid guard to prevent dirt from floating in the water.

Step 4: rinse and dry

Rinse the car after washing to remove any soap residue and remaining dirt. This way your car will now look completely radiant!

Use the Magnet Towel from The-Paddock for optimal drying results! Thanks to the Twisted Loop technology, the drying towel absorbs no less than 200ML in less than 3 seconds. This means you immediately have a dry car after one wipe.

If you want to reach smaller places, we recommend using The-Paddock Magnet Towel S. The same technology applies to this drying towel, but it makes it much easier to dry small and harder-to-reach places.

Step 5: protection and finishing

Now that the car is completely clean and completely dry, it is time for the finishing phase. This phase consists of optimally protecting and preserving the panels, plastic and windows.

Step 5.1: provide the car with a ceramic coating with The-Padock Ceramic Seal

When your car has been washed, it is not yet fully protected against all the elements. The Rise&Shine shampoo contains a light wax, but this does not provide the protection your car needs.

Use the Ceramic Seal from The-Paddock for this. The Ceramic Seal has been specially developed to provide protection for up to 6 months against weather conditions such as rain, limescale and UV influences, but it also offers protection against pollution such as bird droppings.

Spray the car with the Ceramic Seal and then polish it well with the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. We recommend using the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth from The-Paddock for optimal results and a scratch-free application of the Ceramic Seal. Polish the Ceramic Seal well until the shine is completely restored.

The Ceramic Seal can also be used on matte surfaces and on materials such as carbon. This way you can protect literally every part!

Step 5.2: make your windshield wipers redundant and ensure perfect visibility at all times!

Now that the car is fully coated, it is of course also very important to guarantee safety.

By using the Ceramic Glass from The-Paddock, you can now easily eliminate the need for your windshield wipers. Flies and dirt also adhere much less to your car window, so you keep better visibility for longer.

Apply the Ceramic Glass to the window with an applicator pad in a rotating motion. Let the Ceramic Glass sit for a minute so that it can adhere properly, and then polish it well with the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Et voilà! The windows are protected against rain and the adhesion of dirt.

Step 5.3: restore the natural color of your plastic parts

Plastic and rubber parts of a car are always sensitive to the influence of UV. As a result, these parts quickly fade and lose their original deep color.

The-Paddock Tire&Trim offers the solution for this! Say goodbye to the fake shine on plastic, but bring the original factory color back to life and protect your plastic and rubber parts against the elements.

Apply the Tire&trim to an applicator pad and apply it to the plastic and rubber parts. Then polish it with a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Make your tires look like new again! Apply the Tire&trim to an applicator pad, apply it generously to the wall of the tire and polish it with the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth .

Breathe new life into your plastic parts and tires!

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