The-Paddock Ceramic Seal. 6 maanden bescherming

Featured Product: Up to 6 months of protection with The-Paddock Ceramic Seal!

Enjoy 6 months of protection with The-Paddock Ceramic Seal!

In the world of car care, constant search and innovation is a daily task. By always looking for the latest developments and innovations in order to offer the best possible products.

Cleaning is an important part for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, but protecting it is just as important, if not even more important. It must be top notch in terms of both options and quality.

That is also what The-Paddock's Ceramic Seal stands for. The Ceramic Seal promises more than just a glossy finish. It is an advanced formula that creates a protective ceramic layer on the surface of your car, creating a durable barrier against dirt, water, UV rays and chemical contaminants. But what makes this specific ceramic seal so special?

Long lasting protection

One of the most impressive aspects of the Ceramic Seal is its long-lasting effect and protection. You don't just enjoy the product for one or two months, no, you can enjoy protection for up to 6 months!

Is your car or motorcycle polluted? Then give your vehicle a simple hand wash with the Rise&Shine shampoo , and the coating will come back to life!

Improved durability

In addition to protecting against dirt and its adhesion, the Ceramic Seal from The-Paddock also offers protection against the influence of UV light. This prevents the paint from failing and keeps the deep color and shine alive. The influence of brine during the winter is also reduced by the Ceramic Seal.


The nano-hybrid film adheres to the paint and provides amazing hydrophobicity and protection against all types of dirt. When properly applied, SiO2 reacts with the clear coat and forms a covalent bond with the surface, creating an additional layer of protection. The covalent bond means that a chemical bond takes place between atoms.

Although a ceramic coating is very difficult to apply yourself, our Ceramic Seal is easy for anyone to use without sacrificing the benefits of a ceramic coating. Sio2 typically provides a smoother surface and deeper color than other coatings.

With the simple spray-on method you can provide your engine with protection in no time. With the Ceramic Seal you fully protect your engine 3 times, which guarantees 1.5 years of protection!

You can coat your car twice with the Ceramic Seal without any problems, which is equivalent to 1 year of protection!

Simple application

The-Paddock Ceramic Seal stands for high quality and easy application.

  1. Make sure the car is washed properly;
  2. Make sure the car is dried properly;
  3. Spray the panel with The-Paddock Ceramic Seal;
  4. Clean the Ceramic Seal thoroughly with the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth;
  5. Keep polishing until the shine reappears;
  6. The panel is protected and shines like never before!

On which surfaces can I use the Ceramic Seal?

The Ceramic Seal is safe to use on many different surfaces. The Ceramic Seal is also heat resistant!

A small selection of the surfaces on which you can apply The-Paddock Ceramic Seal:

  • Plastic panels and parts;
  • Carbon parts;
  • Metal parts;
  • Engine block on motorcycles;
  • Aluminum parts;
  • Rims of any material.


Do you want to enjoy a ceramic coating on your car or motorcycle for a long time that is very easy to apply, is of high quality and lasts up to 6 months? Then look no further and order the Ceramic Seal from The-Paddock today!

Whether you are an avid enthusiast and are proud of your vehicle, or a professional detailer who strives for the best possible results with a very user-friendly product, then the Ceramic Seal from The-Paddock is the choice.

If ordered before 3:00 PM, your car or motorcycle will be coated tomorrow and protected for 6 months!

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