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Go Ceramic Package Combideal

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At The-Paddock we believe in exuberant craftsmanship. Each product is developed with great passion and meets the highest standards.

All our items are not diluted, resulting in a 100% pure product! This gives you maximum quality, effect and maximum pleasure!

Discover the love behind our cleaning and maintenance products for cars, bicycles and motorcycles. Ride with confidence, powered by The Paddock. What are you going to clean today?

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Behaal het ultieme coating resultaat met de Go Ceramic Combideal van The-Paddock
Regular price €44,95
Regular price €56,85 Sale price €44,95
Create the ultimate surface to apply the Ceramic Seal and immediately polish out the Ceramic Seal scratch-free with the Microfibre Polishing Cloth!

Do you want to get the most out of the Ceramic Seal? Then it is important to prepare the surface properly. It is important that all dirt is removed, but also that any old wax residue is removed.

In the Go Ceramic Package you will find the following products:

The Tough Cleaner is the ultimate degreaser.

Specially formulated to remove stubborn dirt, road grime, rubber, tar and road salt. This pH-12 degreaser is suitable for all surfaces and is the perfect preparation for further treatments such as the application of Ceramic-Seal.

Why the Tough Cleaner

This powerful pH-12 degreaser effortlessly removes oil, grease and dirt. Despite its fierce ingredients and Alkaline value, the shampoo is safe to use on your vehicle at all times.
The Tough Cleaner prevents rust formation and rust expansion for months after using the shampoo! The Tough Cleaner lives up to its name and effortlessly lifts all types of dirt without damaging the clear coat. Naturally safe to use on stickers, PPF and foils.


At The-Paddock we use 100% pure product, this means you will not receive a diluted product. The Tough Cleaner is versatile in use and you can dilute it yourself according to the dirtiness:

1/3 for strong use
1/6 for mild use
1/9 for mild use
If your vehicle has Matt sprayed paintwork, Wrap film or PPF, we always recommend a ratio of 1/9. Always wear gloves when using, these are supplied as standard when purchasing the Tough Cleaner.

Protect your car and motorbike for 6 months with The-Paddock Ceramic Seal

Experience for yourself how fantastic the Ceramic Seal of is and fancy yourself a detailer!
When using the Ceramic Seal, you provide your car, motorbike or bicycle with a binding and dirt-repellent protective layer that prevents dirt and bird droppings from adhering to the paintwork, among other things. The Ceramic Seal also offers UV protection and prevents your paint from weathering!
The Ceramic Seal is safe to use on both plastic and metal body panels and can also be used on both glossy and matt paintwork. 

Why The-Paddock Ceramic Seal?

  • 81% Sio2!: our coating offers as much as 81% Sio2. Glass is also developed at this level, for example. The high percentage increases thermal stability, which is also why we can offer a guarantee of at least 6 months! Did you know that you can make a Sealant as low as 5% Sio2? We go just a ‘small’ step further;
  • Extremely water-repellent: the coating provides a strong water/dirt repellent layer. This sealant protects the surface, keeps it clean for longer and makes washing easier;
  • Durability: with just 1 bottle, you protect your car or motorbike for up to 6 months. This way you instantly protect your paintwork against all weather conditions, UV light, insects and brine;
  • Deep gloss: the Ceramic Seal gives a deep gloss to your paintwork. Small imperfections are slightly filled so that the depth of the colour becomes visible like never before.

Polish without the risk of scratching with The-Paddock's Microfibre Polishing Cloth!

Thanks to The-Paddock's Microfibre Polishing Cloth, you can polish out wax on your car with confidence. By using long microfibre bristles and ultra-soft fabric, scratching is a thing of the past. The size of 30cm x 30cm ensures that the cloth fits perfectly in your hand and can be used on all surfaces.
The Microfibre Polishing Cloth is excellent for polishing out the Ceramic Seal or the Quick Detailer. Put the Microfibre Polishing Cloth in your hand and the confidence for a scratch-free result immediately overwhelms you!

Why the Microfibre Polishing Cloth from The-Paddock?

  • Perfect for buffing in wax;
  • Long and thick microfibre bristles for optimal performance;
  • Not quickly saturated;
  • Ultra soft and scratch-free.
  • Consists of 80% polyester 20% polyamide

Can I wash the Microfibre Polishing Cloth?

When Microfibre Polishing Cloth is saturated or soiled, it can be washed at 30 degrees without any problems. After being left to dry, the Microfibre Polishing Cloth is again optimally suitable for use!

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