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Showroom Ready Auto Combi deal

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At The-Paddock we believe in exuberant craftsmanship. Each product is developed with great passion and meets the highest standards.

All our items are not diluted, resulting in a 100% pure product! This gives you maximum quality, effect and maximum pleasure!

Discover the love behind our cleaning and maintenance products for cars, bicycles and motorcycles. Ride with confidence, powered by The Paddock. What are you going to clean today?

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Showroom pakket
Regular price €29,95
Regular price €37,85 Sale price €29,95

Is your car clean, but does it still deserve that little bit extra? Then we have the package for you!

With the Showroom Ready package you can give your car the finishing touch in no time, making it shine like never before.
The Showroom Ready package is perfect to bring out that extra shine, highlight the accents and ensure that your car is the center of attention.

The Showroom Ready package consists of the following products:

Clean, shine and apply a layer of wax with the Quick Detailer from The-Paddock!

Thanks to the quick Spray-on and Wipe-off application, the Quick Detailer is very easy to apply and removes light dirt. The Quick Detailer also leaves a wax layer behind, making the surface water-repellent.

The Quick Detailer contains high-quality polymers and hydrophobic properties, creating an intense shine together with a beading effect on the paint. This makes the Quick Detailer perfectly suitable for giving the car or motorcycle that quick perfect touch for, for example, an event, a meeting or a tour!

How do I use the Quick Detailer?

  1. Make sure the surface is not too dirty;
  2. Spray the Quick Detailer on the surface;
  3. Polish the Quick Detailer with The-Paddock Microfibre Cloth.

On which surfaces can I use the Quick Detailer?

  • Carbon;
  • Glossy surfaces;
  • Matte surfaces;
  • Plastic;
  • Glass.

How often can I use the Quick Detailer?

The Quick Detailer from The-Paddock can be used every day. However, due to the wax layer that the Quick Detailer applies, it is not necessary to apply it daily and you can enjoy the result for a longer time!

Tire & Trim Gel, give your plastic and tires new life.

A versatile product that not only breathes new life into plastic surfaces, but also serves as a matt tire shine. Discover the power of the Tire & Trim that immediately applies a water-repellent coating, so that plastic parts not only look like new again, but also retain their deep black color for an extra long time.

Why choose The-Paddock Tire & Trim

  • Restored and renewed: enjoy plastic parts that look like new again. Our Tire & Trim gel nourishes the plastic and tires and makes them shine like never before. Away with old dull plastic parts and hello to black panels!
  • Matte Tire Shine: Beautify your tires with a matte, clean finish that strikes the perfect balance between elegance and sportiness. Tire & Trim gives your tires a fresh and sleek look without an exaggerated shine;
  • Water-repellent coating: protect your plastic parts with a water-repellent coating. This protective layer repels water and dirt, keeping your plastic black for longer.
  • Long-lasting results: enjoy long-lasting results, the coating remains effective even after exposure to various weather conditions;
  • The-Paddock tip: have your plastic parts become very gray over the years? Then use the Tire & Trim several times for a sparkling result.

This is how you use the Tire & Trim

  1. Apply the Tire & Trim to the supplied applicator pad and apply in a circular motion to the desired plastic part.
  2. Let the product work for at least 3 minutes to activate the formula.
  3. Use the microfiber polishing cloth to remove excess product and polish the surface until a deep black shine is visible.

With Tire & Trim you achieve a neat and polished look for your car, motorcycle or bicycle. Plastic parts regain their once beautiful deep black color and retain it through the active coating. When applied to the tires, you will immediately see a subtle matte tire shine after polishing.

Clean without the risk of scratches with the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth from The-Paddock!

Thanks to the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth from The-Paddock, you can polish off the wax on the car with peace of mind. By using long microfiber bristles and ultra-soft fabric, scratches are a thing of the past. The size of 30cm x 30cm ensures that the cloth fits perfectly in the hand and can be used on all surfaces.

The Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is excellent for polishing the Ceramic Seal or the Quick Detailer. Place the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in your hand and you will immediately be confident of a scratch-free result!

Why the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth from The-Paddock?

  • Perfect for buffing wax;
  • Long and thick microfiber bristles for optimal performance;
  • Not saturated quickly;
  • Ultra soft and scratch-free.
  • Consists of 80% polyester 20% polyamide

Can I wash the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth?

When Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is saturated or soiled, it can be washed without any problems at 30 degrees. After allowing it to dry, the Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is optimally suitable for use again!

What are the shipping costs?

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€4.95 for orders under €25
Free for orders over €25

Shipping costs for delivery within Belgium:
€8.95 for orders under €50
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What is the delivery time?

We ship orders placed before 4:00 PM on workdays the same day. In most cases, this means that you will receive your ordered product the next day.

Which shipper do you use?

Orders are delivered within the Netherlands and Belgium via PostNL's parcel deliverer. The shipment can be followed using a track & trace code. In general, delivery will take place the next working day between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Can I return my package?

You have the right to terminate the agreement regarding the purchase of a product in the original packaging (including sealed cap) during a cooling-off period of at least 14 days without giving reasons. For more information, view our returns policy.

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