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Ultimate Vision Package

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The-Paddock Ultiem zicht pakket beschermt jouw voorramen en maakt ruitenwissers overbodig
Regular price €24,95
Regular price €30,90 Sale price €24,95
Windshield wipers were never as unnecessary as they are now with the Ultimate Visibility Package!
Prevent dangerous situations, poor visibility and window tarnish with The-Paddock Ceramic Glass window coating.
With this combo deal, you are instantly provided with the essential products to ensure not only that you have the best window coating in your possession, but also that you can perfectly polish the window coating with the The-Paddock Microfibre Polishing Cloth.
The Ceramic Glass is perfect for cleaning car windows. Due to its composition, the Ceramic Glass not only cleans, but also coats the window, eliminating the need to use wipers for up to 3 months!
The specific composition of the Ceramic Glass not only makes the window water-repellent, but also prevents vibrating wipers, drying wipers and streaks on the front window.
The-Paddock Ceramic Glass is specifically designed to be used not only on car windows, but it is also safe to use on the visor of motorbike helmets. This way, hand-wiping over the visor is completely a thing of the past and you can once again enjoy the ride with full focus and view of the road.

Why choose The-Paddock Ceramic Glass?

  • Long Durability: enjoy crystal-clear car windows for up to 3 months. Reduce the need for constant reapplication and experience long-lasting protection;
  • Mega Anti-Water Layer: our advanced formula creates an impressive anti-water layer on your car windows. Water beads away quickly, leaving your vision unobstructed even during heavy rain. Windshield wipers become unnecessary;
  • No Vibrations or Streaks: feel free to use the coating without irritating vibrations, drying out or streaking from wipers. Ceramic Glass maintains the smoothness and efficiency of your wipers, even after repeated use;
  • Easy Application: our user-friendly coating is easy to apply. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of Ceramic Glass.

This is how you use the Ceramic Glass: : 

  1. Apply a good amount of Ceramic Glass on an applicator pad;
  2. Spread the coating evenly over the glass surface. With light hand pressure in a circular motion, similar to applying a wax or sealant;
  3. Allow the coating to take effect for a few minutes before wiping off excess product with a clean microfibre cloth;
  4. Enjoy unmatched clear vision and a water-repellent coating on your car windows;
  5. The-Paddock Tip! Divide your windows into 2 sectors. Coat 1 section, let that soak in while coating the other sector as well. Then go back to the first sector, buff it out, and then buff out sector 2.

Why the Microfibre Polishing Cloth from The-Paddock?

Thanks to The-Paddock's Microfibre Polishing Cloth, you can polish out the coating on your car with confidence. By using long microfibre bristles and ultra-soft fabric, scratching is a thing of the past. The 30cm x 30cm size ensures the cloth fits perfectly in your hand and can be used on all surfaces.
Perfect for buffing in window coatings and Ceramic Seal;
  • Long and thick microfibre bristles for optimal performance;
  • Not quickly saturated;
  • Ultra soft and scratch-free;
  • Consists of 80% polyester 20% polyamide.

Can I wash the Microfibre Polishing Cloth?

Wanneer Microvezel Poetsdoek verzadigd of vervuild is, dan kan deze zonder problemen worden gewassen op 30 graden. Na het laten drogen is de Microvezel Poetsdoek weer optimaal geschikt voor gebruik!

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